How To Optimise Your Post for Google (aka SEO) – 9 HERO Tips from Practical Experience

Hi all,

Write good posts and traffic will rise on its own – have you heard that one before? I did and, frankly saying, it is far from truth if you want your post to become more visible online. I have prepared 9 tips to optimise your post for Google from my own practical experience that helped me over and over again to rank the pages on the first page .

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Hey Bloggers, Do You Need Any Help with Online Marketing?

Hello, world!

My name is Tatiana and I am an online marketer.

I was not planning to start this blog. However, several of my friends decided to start their own businesses and kept coming to me for an advice.

I suddenly realised how difficult it might be to a beginning entrepreneur or a blogger get through this forest of online marketing. Even though there is plenty of content already, some information out there requires significant knowledge in the field while while other only touches the surface. Continue reading